High-performance machine for automatic change
Faster collection and change transactions
No more mistakes and money shortfalls
Unlimited autonomy
Account balance check with a click
Immediate operator shifting
Automatic register closure
Improved hygiene following H.A.C.C.P. procedures
High-security against thefts and robberies


High-performance machine for automatic change integrated in the cash desk

Cashmtic Fast Pay cash-handling machine is quicker in collection transactions and giving change. Suitable to manage big amounts of money, it is perfect for the most demanding point of sales. Fast Pay gives an unlimited autonomy and no cash refill is needed. It also optimises operators’ shifting time and makes cash point’s day closure easier. With just a click you can completely empty the cash-handling machine or leave petty cash fund for next day. An e-mail will then inform you when the operation is done. Cashmatic Fast Pay improves hygiene by eliminating any contact with money and respects therefore the European H.A.C.C.P. norms - Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points. Protection from thefts and robberies is assured thanks to its 3 mm steel structure. The machine easily interfaces with most of the management softwares.




CASHMATIC, the innovative cash handling machine that meets the needs of safety, accuracy and functionality of your point-of-sale and shop at a competitive price. It manages payments, changes and verifies the validity of banknotes automatically, eliminating the risk of cash deficit and time-consuming management of reserve funds. Protection from theft and robbbery is assured thanks to its steel structure serving as safe. Cashmatic’s small size allows the installation on any counter avoiding the need to modify it or to change the cash management software. In fact this cash handling machine connects as a normal peripheral device and easily interfaces with all the management softwares. Being non-fiscal, Cashmatic accepts the payment of provisional bills and pro forma. It gives tranquillity by continuously providing real-time information about transactions or e-mail withdrawals. Small-sized machine but great autonomy: Cashmatic can manage takings as much as 30.000 euros.

Compact design
No more change mistakes and money shortfalls
High security against thefts and robberies thanks to its 3 mm steel structure.
Improved hygiene following H.A.C.C.P. procedures
Faster till closure
Faster operators’ shifting


The cash handling machine Cashmatic Plus is a further response to the most demanding requests. It has been created to exceed the limits of connectability to PC or to management programs. In fact it can be controlled by wireless devices such as smartphone or tablet and connects to all the devices, cash registers and fiscal printers of Ditron Group. It communicates through its integrated display. The cash handling machine Cashmatic Plus ensures the absolute control both on the cashier’s work, eliminating errors and cash deficits, and on the costumer by automatically detecting counterfeit money. The change is given automatically and all the counting operations related to the opening/closing of the cash point and personnel shifting are eliminated thus the time of cash point management is optimized. The machine’s small size allows its easy installation on any counter without compromising on it’s great operational autonomy. Cashmatic Plus can manage, in fact, takings over 30.000 euros. Elements such as the solid structure made of fibreglass and steel, the elimination of cash drawers and the notice that the automatic machine Cashmatic is being used- which deprives the cashier of the access to takings-represent strong anti-theft deterrents. The cash handling machine Cashmatic Plus meets the needs of real-time control, even remotely through smartphone, tablet and PC.


Automatic cash-handling machine with no operator

Customisable for any point-of-sale








Automatic cash-handling machine with no operator

Integrated electronic payment system

Cashmatic Self Evolution is the solution to the demand of all those businesses that need to automatize their cash point up to the exclusion of the cashier. A completely automatized cash point avoids the creation of queues and eases the cash flow thus increasing the takings. Furthermore, the automatized management excludes problems related to counting operations and cash deficit. Cashmatic Self Evolution manages any type of payment, both cash and electronic. It represents an active role in the promotion of items as well as of your point-of-sale. Thanks to the proximity sensor the machine switches automatically back to the sale screen when a costumer approaches. The product selection is possible thanks to several different inputs such as: monitor, barcode scanner and QR code reader, RFID tag or smartphone tag (through dedicated app). Not only it is a self checkout machine but also a perfect tool to foster customer’s loyalty thanks to the managing of RFID Fidelity Cards, Chip Cards, Barcode and QR Code Cards. Cashmatic Self Evolution, with it’s eighty millimetres thermal printer is multifunctional and can even become an automatic ticket machine. Cashmatic Self Evolution: choose, take and go.



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